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Pair of Beautiful Antique Cane Bottom Maple Chairs with Veneered Crest Rail, Pair Vintage TOMMY BAHAMAS Accent CHAIRS Green with Cane Sides, Set of 6 Hitchcock Style Antique Country Chairs with Cane Seats Early 1900's, Antique Small Rocking Chair with Spindles and Original Caned Back , 19 c. Italian Provincial Rococo Carved Walnut Fauteuil Chair with Rattan Caned , Italian Provincial Rococo Carved Walnut Fauteuil Chair with Rattan Caned 19 c., Antique Dark Wood Tone 1900 1950 Oak Rocking Chair with Cane Seat, Lovely Ladies Tiger Oak Chair With Cane Seat Antique, Antique Bentwood Ice Cream Parlor Chairs three with cane seats refinished, 19th C. French Louis XVI Cane Corbeille Chairs with Ribbon motif, French Caned Bentwood Rocking Armchair, 20th c., with a caned back a... Lot 2416, Antique Vintage Oak High Chair With Cane Seat, Antique Cane Swivel Office Chair With Original Hardware, 19 c. Italian Provincial Rococo Carved Walnut Chair with Rattan Caned Seat Back, Antique Wooden High Chair with cane seat and carving on the back, Mahogany Inlaid Desk Chair Sidechair with Caned Seat SC201 , 2 Antique Carved Oak Wooden Chair with Caning Set of Two Local Pick Up Gorgeous, Antique Chairs 3 With Cane Seats, 5 Victorian Parlor Chairs with Cane Caning Project, PAINTED DECORATION, Classic Fruitwood French Louis XVI Directoire Arm Chair with Caning Circa 19th, Set of 3 Vintage Oak Swivel Bar Stools with Backs and Cane seats, Antique Carved Cherry Rocking Chair Rocker with Cane Seat , Small Antique Rocker with Caned Seat and Back, BACK EARLY 20TH CENTURY, Antique Victorian Rocker with Cane Seat and Back Excellent Condition, Lovely Early Black Cherry Small Children's Rocking Chair with New Caned Seat, Antique Chair with Rattan Caned Seat, polyurethane finish PICK UP ONLY , Cane Seat 1 for Free 35, Antique Solid Wood Chair with Caning Original Blue Upholstery 2555, Oak Caned Sidechair Chair with leopard print seat SC36 , back removable potty, Vintage Yellow Cane Chair with Duralee Fabric Seat, 'HOLLYWOOD REGENCY' STYLE TUFTED VELVET WINGBACK CHAIR WITH CANE WINGS, PAIR , ANTIQUE SIDE CHAIR WITH CANED SEAT 1800'S MEDIUM BROWN WOOD, 19 c. Italian Provincial Rococo Carved Walnut Fauteuil Chair with Rattan Caned , Pair Walnut Dining Chairs With Cane Seat, French Louis XVI Three Piece Duchesse Brisee with Caned Seats Chaise Chair 18thC, Set Of 2 Vintage Wood Chairs Hand Carved With Cane Seat, 35 T X 16 W , TWO Antique Cane Seat Chairs with Removable Steel Blue Cushions, Antique 19th Century Thonet Design Bentwood Kids Chair Solid Oak with Caned Seat, Antique Wooden Bedroom Desk, Side Chair with Cane Seat, BALL ROCKER WITH CANED SEAT, Small Antique Oak Rocker with Cane Rattan Seat, Victorian chair with woven cane seat wood, Antique 8 Press Back Carved Oak Dining Chairs with Caned Seats, Antique Small Wooden Rocking Chair with Cane Seat, Beautiful Victorian Cane Bottom Chair with Hip Rest and Fancy Carved Back, Oak Chair With Cane Seat Late 1940's Early 1950's, 1 Pr CENTURY FURNITURE Asian Arm Chairs with Cane Seats , Beautiful ladder back rocker with cane seat and rustic charm, Antique Wooden Chair detailed Woodwork with Caned Seat and Back, French Painted Swivel Side Chair Vanity Stool with Caning 7553, vintage Ladder Back Chairs with Cane Seats LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.