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ANTIQUE HIGH CHAIR WITH FLIP OVER TRAY FROM EARLY 1900, Early American Style Fiddleback Maple Arm Chair, Eames Evans Herman Miller 1948 49 LCW Early Rare Chair, All Original With Label, Early 1900's Antique High Chair & Stroller Combo, Beautiful 19th to Early 20th Century Old Antique Mahogany Spindle Arm Chair, ANTIQUE VINTAGE OAK CARVED SPINDLE BACK CANE SEAT WOOD CHAIR EARLY 1900's??, ANTIQUE EARLY AMERICAN CHILD'S POTTY SEAT BLACK W GOLD MOTIF, Set Of FOUR Early American Carved Cane Dining Chairs, Antique Mission Oak Pool Hall High Chair Early 1900s 1, CARVED INLAID EARLY VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR 6780, EARLY 19TH CENTURY CARVED PAINTED BIEDERMEIER CANE SEAT CHAIR, 3 MATCHING EARLY 1900'S GOLDEN OAK PRESSED BACK ANTIQUE CHAIRS , EARLY 20TH CENTURY SWEDISH CARVED BIRCH BERGERE SUITE SOFA ARMCHAIRS, Fabulous Antique Walnut Federal Chair, Circa Late 1800 or Early 1900's, Early 70's Rocker Great condition,, Antique Early Victorian Mahogany Armchair C1840, SET OF 4 EARLY 1900'S VICTORIAN OAK DINING CHAIRS 6458, Carved French Chairs Early 1900's Fruitwood, AVOCADO GREEN OTTOMAN and chair LATE 60'S EARLY 70'S Vintage, Antique golden oak early 1900's pressback rocking chair , Antique Early Spindle Backed Inlaid Burl Wood Cane Seat Chair, EARLY VICTORIAN CHERRY CARVED SIDE CHAIR 5813, Antique Mission Oak Pool Hall High Chair Early 1900s 2, Ethan Allen Heirloom GOVERNOR BRADFORD SIDE CHAIR Early American MAPLE WOOD, Black painted windsor chairs, set of 6, made in PA in early 1800's, Early 18th century French Antique High Back Side Chair Elaborately Carved legs, Mid 1800's Early 1900's Mahogany Carved Victorian Leaf Back Chair Red Velvet, Vintage early 20th Century Pair of Cast Iron Garden Chairs Swedish Signed, Ethan Allen Heirloom FIDDLE BACK DUXBURY SIDE CHAIR Early American MAPLE WOOD, WOW 2 GORGEOUS WOODARD ANTIQUE CHILDS CHAIRS 1 EARLY ANTIQUE ROCKER ELEGANT , Antique HITCHCOCK style CHAIR Early 1800's Original