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Vintage WWII Eames Molded Plywood Leg Splint S2 1790 Early 1940's Evans w extra, 1 of 7 Retro Vintage early 50 Webbed Custom Made Chairs, REDUCED Beautiful Antique Early 1900's Teak & Woven Cane Lounge Deck Chair , Antique Rocking Chair w Ladder Back & w Fresh Upholstery Early 1900’s Good Cond , Early 1900s Oak chair caned seat, German history, ANTIQUE CIRCA EARLY 1900'S 3 THEATER SEATS RARE VINTAGE FOLDING CHAIRS BENCH, Early Windsor Desk Chair, Antique Mahogany Louis Phillippe Style Chair Early 1900's 2, Chippendale Ribband Chair. All Original, ca Early 20th Century Superb Condition, Early Antique Corner Chair Rush Seat Good Condition Virginia, Charming Childs Civil War Era Early Victorian Stick Ball Rocking Chair , EARLY AMERICAN BOSTON CHILD'S ROCKER ROCKING CHAIR, Convertable Highchair Stroller early 1900s, ANTIQUE NICHOLS & STONE WINDSOR ROCKING CHAIR CHERRY WOOD EARLY VINTAGE ARM, Early Pair of Antique Distressed Walnut English Wide Seat Arm Chairs, Glorious Needlepoint Antique Handmade Chairs Circa early 1900's, Early twentieth century ornately carved wooden chair, Antique Early Spindle Backed Hard Wood Maple? Cane Seat Bottom Chair, EARLY 1920'S WINDSOR AND HAND CANED CHAIRS: FOR THE REFINISHER, Antique New England Colonial Early American Rocking Chair 1800s, Vintage Early American Colonial Cane Rocking Chair, Rocking Chair circa late 1800's, early 1900's, Antique Ladder Back Maple Arm Chair with Fresh Upholstery Early 1900’s Good Cond, Chair B Antique Early Spindle Backed Hard Wood Maple? Cane Seat Bottom Chair, Windsor Chair Bottom Arm Bolster Chair made by Cochrane Chair Company early 1900, ANTIQUE HIGH CHAIR WITH FLIP OVER TRAY FROM EARLY 1900, Antique Sheraton Arrowback Chairs Rush Seats Early 1800s Virginia, 3 Matching Oak Pressed Back Chairs Early 1900's, Early 1900s Pressed Oak Nursing Rocker, German history, EARLY ANTIQUE MISSION ARTS & CRAFTS CHAIRS A PAIR, Chinese bronze or iron Ananda Buddha statue, probably period Ming or early Qing