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Italian Florentine Style Carved Bench Early 20th Century, Pair of French Distressed Pegged Painted Fauteuil Arm Chairs, Early 20th Century, SWC Early Queen Anne Walnut Corner Chair, Massachusetts, c.1750, Kitchen Windsor Chair Side Early American Style Dining Room Furniture Wood, Early New England Windsor with Traces of Old Paint, EARLY 1900'S RED PAINTED COTTAGE BEACH HOUSE WOOD DESIGNER CHAIR, Teak Mid Century , SET OF EIGHT RARE SHERATON FANCY PAINTED CHAIRS EARLY 19TH CENTURY, 5 Matching Oak Pressed Back Chairs Early 1900's , Early Eames Evans 5 2 5 Aniline Red LCW Lounge Chair Wood, PAIR Early 1970's Milo Baughman for Chromcraft Armchairs w Heavy Tubular Frame, Windsor bamboo turned, solid seat early rocker Lot 140, Pair of 1880's Carved Early Victorian Living Room Side by Side Chairs 6862, Early American Painted Side Chair Rush Seat , Vintage Oak Theater Seats, Folding, Early 1900's, from Appalachian Mountains, oval drexel Heritage early 80s. 9 pc. 192 334 181 34, Limbert Chestnut Chair, Pair of Early 19th Century Viennese Biedermeier Chairs Excellent Condition, Early Oak Swivel Office Desk Chair Vintage Antique, EARLY AMERICAN CHILDS ROCKER BOSTON OR SALEM WINDSOR BENTWOOD ROCKING CHAIR, Walnut Early Victorian Tapestry Eastlake Side Chair with Porcelain Wheels 7796, Authentic Early 20th Century White Wicker Rocker Fully Restored, Early Antique Haywood Wakefield Wooden Cane Seat Chair, antique wicker platform rocker circa late 1800 early 1900 excellant condition, ANTIQUE EARLY AMERICAN 19TH C MAPLE SIDE CHAIR PRINT SEAT PRIMITIVE , 18th 19th C antique EARLY WOOD CHILD DOLL ROCKER CHAIR w OLD FABRIC, Dining Room Windsor Chair Black Early American Style Wood Kitchen Furniture, Set Of FOUR Early American Carved Cane Dining Chairs, Pair Of Spring Bottom Early American Type Chairs Lot 2453, BROTHERS, INC. 5 SPINDLE CHAIR w ORIGINAL LABEL, Antique Late 18th Early 19th Century Mahogany Shield Back Armchair